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"Conjugal Bliss. A trusted friend on the route to Spanish." –Nathalia Madera for Language Magazine,

"The Little Spanish Verb Book That Could"
–Steven Roll, t

"A 'safe haven' for the panicked student and a resource for teachers." –Jerry Curtis,

"A ready instructional reference; thoroughly 'user friendly'" The Midwest Book Review

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Take The Quiz: Are You Smart Enough To Learn Spanish?

In the beginning, it is common to construct a mental road block to learning Spanish that may or may not be real. I frequently witnessed my beginning Spanish students lose their enthusiasm about midway into Spanish I. They liked the idea of learning Spanish, but they inevitably came up against the challenge of learning Spanish verbs. Instead of realizing this as a common struggle for beginners, they blamed themselves. Unfortunately, they believed they weren't smart enough to learn Spanish. 

If you can agree to the following, you will be able to overcome any mental road blocks to learning Spanish:    

  1. Will you ask questions or guess when you don’t understand something?
  2. Are you willing to make mistakes?
  3. Will you attempt to correct your mistakes when you become aware of them?
  4. Can you accept that it may not be possible to correct all of your mistakes, but that will not diminish all of your effort?
  5. Are you willing to listen to the Spanish language to develop your ear?
  6. When you become frustrated and tired, will you give yourself a break and try again?
  7. Do you realize that any goal like learning another language takes time and practice?
  8. Can you see how speaking another language can benefit others besides yourself?
  9. Are you ready to stretch your boundaries and expand your horizons in ways that may surprise you?
  10. Are you ready for your world to become bigger than it was before?

When you leave your native language or culture and return, it is always with added perspective. Learning a foreign language is known to expand your consciousness. In this way, learning Spanish can actually increase your intelligence. My report, “The Preterit and The Imperfect: A Love Story” describes how learning a second language, even very basic skills, can enhance your life in ways you never expected. Gain instant access to the report by entering your name and email in the box on the right.

Your biggest hurdle to learning Spanish might be you. My goal through this blog and my verb guide is to provide support and inspiration when the going gets tough. You can subscribe to the Spanish Verb Mastery Blogand purchase my Spanish verb guide for beginners, The Spanish Verb Conjugator, The Beginner's Guide to Mastering Spanish Verbs, on the links provided on the web site. You're not alone. Your intentions will shine through too. Persistence, determination, and patience make up the aptitude (and attitude) for learning Spanish.  

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