Learn Spanish through Pop Culture: a phenomenal web resource by Zachary Jones
Monday, August 23, 2010 at 9:49PM
Jeanne Bielejeski in Latin American Culture, Learning Spanish

I found an extraordinary web site featuring popular Latin culture as a vehicle for learning Spanish. It is produced by a Spanish teacher named Zachary Jones. It's written in Spanish, so it is also an excellent resource to develop your reading skills as you learn Spanish.

As a resource for teachers and students alike, it's a virtual gold mine of all things related to current events in popular Latin culture. If you reviewed the topics on this site, you would raise your cultural intelligence level ten fold or more. I consider it to be one of the most valuable resources I've come across on the web, and I've put in hours of research in my networking efforts to promote my site and verb guide. 

If I were still teaching, I would rely on his web site constantly to incorporate popular Latin culture into my classes. It was always a challenge to find good resources and the time to search for them. Awesome job Profesor Jones! The link below will bring you to his blog:

Actualidades: Learn Spanish through pop culture

You can find the following topics in Profesor Jones' phenomenal web site:

There are plenty more activities and resources not listed above. It is really fantastic....phenomenal is the word that I keep coming back to. I highly recommend this site to learn Spanish through popular Latin culture.

Please note that if the reading level is above your current level, that's okay. Pick out the words you can, I guarantee you will get the gist of what you need. It is actually a good thing to read above your level, because then you are challenged to improve.

Remember when you were learning to read in English? I know you came across material that was above your reading level. Remember how hard it was to read the newspaper when you were in grade school or high school? So hang in there! To gain some perspective, here's a link to my blog post explaining how reading in Spanish enhances all of your developing language skills, and how it can accelerate your overall rate of learning Spanish:

When Learning Spanish: Don't forget reading is the glue that makes it all stick together 

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