Best Music of Latin America: 2009 Latin Grammy Song of the Year
Thursday, April 8, 2010 at 1:56PM
Jeanne Bielejeski in Latin America, Latin Grammys, Latin Music

Music has always been a huge part of Latin American culture, and listening to music in Spanish is a great way to absorb Latin culture. It made such an impression on me when I was a student traveler in Costa Rica. Going out at night to dance clubs was a totally different experience than anything I had ever known. People were seriously engaged in the music and dancing. It was enough just to watch everyone dance; like 'Dancing with the Stars' in real life.

Listening to music in Spanish is a fun way to feed your subconscious while studying Spanish. Having music playing in the background, even without understanding it, seeps into your subconscious. It's like preparing your cerebral grey matter for Spanish knowledge; tilling the soil to plant the seeds.

Just like when you were a child learning your native language, you were immersed in the language even though you didn't understand everything. Gradually you picked out words here and there, and eventually they added up to more comprehension. I clearly remember listening to music as a child and not being able to make out all the words. Do you remember that? Sometimes I would mix up the words, or make up my own. It works the same way with a second language. 

You are fortunate that there is a lot of great Latin music which is celebrated every year by the Latin Grammys. 2009 marked the 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. It's a perfect way to catch up with what's hot in the Latin music scene. I would like to highlight some of the Grammy winners and nominees in the Spanish Verb Mastery Blog to inspire you to check out some popular Latin music as a way to learn about Latin culture.

Today's featured song is the 2009 Latin Grammy Song of the Year: "Aqui Estoy Yo" (Here I am), Claudia Brant, Luis Fonsi & G. Reuben, songwriters; performed by Luis Fonsi, Aleks Syntek, Noel Schajris, and David Bisbal.

Here is also a link to the song lyrics and the English translation:

"Aqui Estoy Yo" lyrics in Spanish and English




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