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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 12:41PM
Jeanne Bielejeski in Costa Rica, Uncategorized

Today is the first day of the rest of my blog. For weeks I have been researching blogging and forming my vision for the Spanish Verb Mastery Blog. I never expected to have a blog, but here we are. Those unexpected things in life do seem to be the most interesting, and I’m sure this blog will be as well. 

Language fascinates me. As a kid, I used to give the letters of the alphabet personalities, numbers too. They would be male or female and have colors and patterns. I also remember realizing that I was personifying the alphabet, and thinking, “Whoa, is this normal?” (At least they didn’t talk back, although being letters...)

I couldn't ignore a loud siren calling my attention to the Spanish language. I was first introduced to Spanish through an elective class, in the fifth grade I believe. The class only lasted five weeks, but I remember reading words in Spanish to the classmate next to me, not understanding what they meant but feeling a natural kind of ability to at least pronounce them. I felt empowered speaking in another language. It added another layer, depth. I liked that.

I didn’t study Spanish again until I was a non-traditional college student at 25. I fell hard and fast and couldn’t stop myself until I earned a bachelor’s degree. It really did feel like I couldn’t stop myself. My junior year of college, I had a wonderful student study abroad experience in Costa Rica where I met my host family. After graduation, I returned there and worked in the family printing and office supply business.

Back in the U.S., I obtained my secondary teaching certification. I taught Spanish at the high school level for over ten years, but due to dwindling resources for elective classes, my Spanish program was reduced more than once. I decided it was an opportunity to follow through with my inspiration to self-publish a Spanish verb guide for beginners. I took a leave of absence when some health issues also needed attention.

Like the fixation on the alphabet letters as a kid, I became very fixated on Spanish verbs while studying and teaching Spanish. I was amazed that there were Spanish verb guides for the advanced student, but nothing on the market for beginners. That's when Spanish students need all the help they can get: in the beginning. As every Spanish student knows, Spanish verbs can be extremely difficult to learn. And those clumsy Spanish verb guides don't help; they are pretty intimidating as well. For these reasons, self-publishing my verb guide for beginners was my passion, another thing I couldn’t stop myself from doing.

So coming back around to blogging. My blog vision is to extend my Spanish classroom through the Spanish Verb Mastery Blog; to offer inspiration through awareness of Latin culture in and out of the U.S. (which I never had time to do in my classes). The Spanish Verb Mastery Blog theme is specific to overcoming the challenge of Spanish verb conjugation as part of the journey of acquiring Spanish as a second language.

I will definitely share excerpts from my verb guide, The Spanish Verb Conjugator, The Beginner’s guide to Mastering Spanish Verbs in this blog. You can also enter your name and email in the box at the top right and gain instant access to free Spanish verb charts from The Spanish Verb Conjugator.

Welcome to the Spanish Verb Mastery Blog! ¡Bienvenidos!

Until the next time, hasta luego.


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