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Spanish Verb Mastery Tutorial: Spanish Subject Pronouns


Spanish Subject Pronouns:

This Spanish Verb Mastery Tutorial will tell you what you need to know about Spanish subject pronouns.


  • ellos/ellas, nosotros/nosotras, vosotros/vosotras reflect the gender of the subjects; the masculine form is used for a mix of male and female subjects; yo, tú, Ud. (usted), and Uds. (ustedes) are used whether the subjects are male or female 
  • In Spain: vosotros/as is used for informal second person plural subjects; Uds. is used for formal second person plural subjects
  • In all other parts of Latin America: Uds. is used for informal AND formal second person plural subjects
  • Ud. conjugations are the same as él/ella conjugations; Uds. conjugations are the same as ellos/ellas conjugations. Even though they are completely different subjects, they use the same endings and have the same conjugations. 

It is important to note that the subject pronouns are presented on the charts in The Spanish Verb Conjugator for more practical than conventional reasons. The yo (I) and (you informal) forms are paired together as they are often used in one-on-one conversations. The él/ella (he/she) form is paired with the ellos/as (they) form as they are both third person and used alike to communicate “about” one person/thing versus more than one person/thing. The nosotros/as (we) and the vosotros/as (you informal plural) forms are paired together to compare the differences in spelling and accentuation. As mentioned above, the vosotros/as form is primarily used in Spain.

(This tutorial was excerpted from The Spanish Verb Conjugator: The Beginner's Guide to Mastering Spanish Verbs. Copyright Roche Publishing.)