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Spanish Verb Conjugator Book Reviews

"Conjugal Bliss. A trusted friend on the route to Spanish." –Nathalia Madera for Language Magazine,

"The Little Spanish Verb Book That Could"
–Steven Roll, t

"A 'safe haven' for the panicked student and a resource for teachers." –Jerry Curtis,

"A ready instructional reference; thoroughly 'user friendly'" The Midwest Book Review

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Reviews of The Spanish Verb Conjugator:

"'The Spanish Verb Conjugator: The Beginner's Guide To Mastering Spanish Verbs' is a ready instructional reference of more than one thousand frequently-used verbs that will prove invaluable to novice students of the Spanish language. Covering both regular and irregular present tense verbs, 'The Spanish Verb Conjugator' also deals with preterit and imperfect past tenses, as well as reflexive verbs and 'verbs like gustar'. Of special note is that through a group of 110 irregular core verbs, 'The Spanish Conjugator' reinforces the essential verb  modeling necessary to mastering verb conjugation, making it a highly recommended and thoroughly 'user friendly' Spanish language curriculum supplement." –The Midwest Book Review

"What I particularly like about the book is that students can focus on the present, preterit, and imperfect tenses of Spanish through the most frequently used irregular verbs. Many Spanish learners find the preterit difficult to comprehend but this book really helps reinforce it. It's great to find a grammar 'primer' which students intuitively know how to use and which soon becomes a trusted friend on their route to Spanish."
–Nathalia Madera, Spanish teacher, Bristol, United Kingdom, for Language Magazine

"Jeanne M. Bielejeski’s 'The Spanish Verb Conjugator' is just what the cover claims to be: 'The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Spanish Verbs,' but it is also much more. Beyond the beginner stage, the intermediate student will appreciate it as a lexicon and stepping stone to more advanced Spanish grammar, and the advanced student will treasure the book as a permanent reference. Understanding Spanish verbs are, after all, what separates the frustrated language student from the student who 'gets it.' 'The Spanish Verb Conjugator,' in short, offers a sort of 'safe haven' for the panicked student and a resource for teachers to keep Spanish verbs under control." (See the full review here posted on –Jerry Curtis, education writer, former community college vocational education adviser, and retired military translator in the U.S. Navy

"'The Little Spanish Verb Book That Could.' Unlike other verb books I’ve lugged around such as The Big Red Book of Spanish Verbs, Jeanne’s book is small enough to fit into a coat pocket. Besides fully conjugating 110 of the most commonly used irregular verbs, the little book includes an index of approximately 1,000 additional verbs with definitions in English. The book also provides concise explanations of:

  • the preterit vs. the imperfect,
  • ser vs. estar,
  • the seven tenses of Spanish, and
  • the basics on how use commands"

(See the full review posted on –Steven Roll, Author of, The Latin American Travel Blog rated as a Top Blog on South America by Go! Overseas

"For the beginning levels of Spanish, such as we have at a two year college, The Spanish Verb Conjugator is a quick, clear reference to the basic verb forms encountered in our classes. The format of easy charts, bold lettering and verb 'family' types facilitates the finding and learning of each conjugation. It has a handy size for carrying to class or on trips!" Jan Kurtz, Spanish and Latin American Studies, Central Lakes College

"I am currently enrolled in a course through Rosetta Stone. The Spanish Verb Conjugator has been very helpful in referencing various tenses of verbs. The book is very easy to use since all verbs are in alphabetical order. I recommend The Spanish Verb Conjugator to anyone whether they're a beginner or advanced in speaking Spanish."
–Carmille Klimek, Sergeant First Class, US Army

"This book is a valuable resource for all Spanish language learners. It is something that every college student should have as a tool to help them while writing those papers for comp classes!"
–Rhonda Schmidt, high school Spanish teacher for more than 20 years