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Spanish Verb Conjugator Book Reviews

"Conjugal Bliss. A trusted friend on the route to Spanish." –Nathalia Madera for Language Magazine,

"The Little Spanish Verb Book That Could"
–Steven Roll, t

"A 'safe haven' for the panicked student and a resource for teachers." –Jerry Curtis,

"A ready instructional reference; thoroughly 'user friendly'" The Midwest Book Review

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Spanish Verb Mastery

Spanish verbs are the make-or-break point for many beginners. Once Spanish students pass the 'Spanish kindergarten class' (the alphabet, numbers, calendar, common nouns, adjectives, and expressions) it's time for beginners to really focus on Spanish verbs. The truth is, even more advanced Spanish students struggle with Spanish verb conjugation.

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Beginners and Spanish students of all levels will find information on the basics in the Spanish Verb Mastery Tutorials. More detailed Spanish verb conjugation tips, anecdotes, and popular Latin American culture can be found in the Spanish Verb Mastery blog. Insight and inspiration to help all Spanish students overcome the common struggle of Spanish verb conjugation.

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